Lakeside Ministries
First Covenant Second Covenant Topical Studies

Our Purpose

"Freely you have received, freely give." (Matt 10:8)

".... And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely." (Rev 22:17)

John 3:16 says that God loved the world so much that He gave His Son.
It does not say that He sold His Son.

God never intended for His Word, or the study of His Word, to be sold.
He wants it to be available to "whosoever will."
And we can do no less.


What We Believe

Jesus Christ

Is the Son of God
Is the promised Messiah
Died for the sin of humanity
Rose from the dead on the 3rd day
Ascended to heaven and is alive today
Sent His Spirit to live in us and make us overcomers
Will return in the fullness of time and we will be caught up to meet Him in the air
So we will be with the Lord forever, and we are to encourage each other with these words