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The continued Life of Jesus through the Apostles


Chapter Title Key Verse Milestones
One Preparation 1:5 Ascension of Jesus
Matthias replaces Judas Iscariot
Two Divine Wine 2:15, 16

The Church in Jerusalem

Promise of the Spirit fulfilled
Peter's first sermon
Three Gift at the Gate 3:6 Lame man healed at the Gate Beautiful
Peter's second sermon
Four Persecution Percolating 4:20 Peter and John arrested
Peter and John before the Sanhedrin
Released, they pray for boldness
Sharing among believers
Five Liars Liquidated 5:29 Ananias and Sapphira
Imprisoned Apostles freed by the Angel
The Apostles arrested again
Gamaliel's advice
Six Widows Woes 6:4 Division in the church
Seven chosen to serve
Stephen accused of blasphemy
Seven Stephen Stoned 7:60 Stephen's sermon
The first martyr
Eight Desert Rendezvous 8:35

The Gospel spreads

Saul Persecutes the Church
Philip preaches in Samaria
Simon the sorcerer
Philip witnesses to a man of Ethiopia
Nine Saul Sees 9:15 Saul on the road to Damascus
Ananias Baptizes Saul
Saul begins to preach
Aeneas Healed
Dorcas raised from the dead
Ten Just Justified 10:43 Peter sent to Cornelius
Peter's sermon to Cornelius
The Holy Spirit given to the Gentiles
Eleven Carpet Call 11:18 Peter before the leaders in Jerusalem
Barnabas and Saul at Antioch
Famine relief sent to Judea
Twelve Penetrating Prayer 12:5 James, John's brother, killed
Peter imprisoned and freed by an angel
Herod's violent death
Thirteen Sent, Went, Spent 13:2

Paul's First Missionary Journey

Paul and Barnabas sent to the Gentiles
In Cyprus
At Antioch in Pisidia
Fourteen Died and Revived 14:21, 22 At Iconium
Idolatry at Lystra
Paul stoned and escapes to Derbe
Strengthening the Converts
Fifteen Law vs. Grace 15:11 Conflict over Circumcision
The Jerusalem Council
Paul and Barnabas return to Antioch

Paul's Second Missionary Journey

Division over John Mark
Sixteen Joy In Jail 16:25 Timothy Joins Paul and Silas
The call to Macedonia
Lydia Baptized at Philippi
Paul and Silas Imprisoned at Philippi
Seventeen The Unknown God 17:27 At Thessalonica - the Jews oppose
At Berea  - they searched the Scriptures
At Athens - The Philosophers
Eighteen Corinth 18:10 Aquila and Priscilla in Corinth
Paul Returns to Antioch

Paul's Third Missionary Journey

Ministry of Apollos in Ephesus
Nineteen Diana Degraded 19:20 Paul at Ephesus
The seven sons of Sceva
The Riot at Ephesus
Twenty Model Minister 20:24 Journeys in Greece
Eutychus raised from the dead at Troas
The Ephesian Elders Exhorted
Twenty One Bondage Begins 21:13 Warnings on the Journey to Jerusalem
In Jerusalem, the question of the Law
Paul arrested in the Temple
Twenty Two Stairway Sermon 22:22 Paul addresses the Jerusalem Mob
Paul's Roman Citizenship
Twenty Three Confused Critics 23:11 Paul before the Sanhedrin
Forty elders plot against Paul
Paul sent to Felix
Twenty Four Feeble Felix 24:25 Paul before Felix
Felix Procrastinates
Twenty Five Fair Festus 25:25 2nd attempt to kill Paul on the road
Before Festus, Paul appeals to Caesar
Festus and King Agrippa
Twenty Six King Convicted 26:28 Paul's Testimony - his early life
Paul's Testimony - his conversion
Paul's Testimony - his ministry
Agrippa is almost persuaded
Twenty Seven Paul Prophesies 27:25

Paul's Voyage to Rome

The voyage to Rome begins
The Euroclydon
Shipwrecked on Malta
Twenty Eight Rome Reached 28:28 Paul's Ministry on Malta
Paul's Journey to Rome
Paul's Ministry in Rome
Epilogue What happened to Paul and the Disciples after Acts Chapter 28?
Appendix List of Maps, Charts and Photos



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